Returned paint put to good use

As part of our comprehensive commitment to the environment, PaintPlus has a system of taking back all unused PaintPlus paint free of charge.*

This gives users an easy, environmentally sound way to dispose of unwanted paint. It also allows PaintPlus to reduce wastage of quality paint.

We remanufacture the returned paint true to type, tint it to popular colours and put it through similar quality assurance systems as our regular production. We either sell the remanufactured paints to defray the costs of the programme or, more often, donate it to deserving organisations.

Any paint that cannot be remanufactured to a product of our regular high quality, is treated with a system we have developed that allows safe disposal.

* The paint must be in its original PaintPlus container so that we can verify its type.
If the paint has been contaminated, we will still dispose of it safely, but charges could apply.

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