Commercial interiors

Surface Preparation

  • All loose material must be removed and surface damage or imperfections made good.
    Fill all cracks and nail holes, sand and wipe clean with a lint free cloth.

  • The surface must be clean, dry and free of contaminants.
    Areas with a build up of grime must be cleaned with sugar soap (or quality equivalent).

  • Previously Painted Enamel and Polyurethane -
    Lightly sand to remove gloss and clean with a lint free cloth.

Prep Coat

  • Paper Faced Plaster Board and Stopping Repairs -
    Apply one coat of Easy Sand. When dry, lightly sand clean with a lint free cloth.

  • New Timber Joinery and Doors -
    Apply one coat of Quick Prep or Easy Sand. When dry, lightly sand clean with a lint free cloth.

  • Masonry, Villaboard, Cementious Cladding -
    Apply one coat of Masonry Sealer.

Top Coat

  • High Traffic Areas, Wet Areas, Doors, Door Trim, Scocia and Window Frames -
    Clear Finish - apply three coats of AcryGlaze lightly sanding between coats if timber grain-raising occurs.
    Colour Finish - apply two coats of ArmourGuard.

  • Walls in Light Traffic Areas and Ceilings -
    Colour - apply two coats of Easy Flow or Ultra Matt.

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