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Low Odour

Water-based, low VOC

Low odour makes painting a breeze – even for allergy sufferers

You’ll find painting with PaintPlus a refreshingly different experience – most people don’t detect any odour. No paint fumes!

When selecting ingredients, PaintPlus selects substances with low or no odour. No masking agents are used – PaintPlus has nothing to hide.

Less obviously, but more importantly, PaintPlus is formulated to avoid non odorous ingredients that can cause harm like cancer-causing ingredients and heavy metals. The levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) released by PaintPlus paints are well below the limits set by legislation and eco label criteria.

Even people who are very prone to allergies find they can use PaintPlus without problems. In more than 15 years of use in hospitals, not a single negative comment on the effect of PaintPlus has been recorded.

The low odour, together with the paint being so fast-drying, mean you can paint a room with PaintPlus and sleep in it that same evening without discomfort or ill effects.

"We finished painting Ed's bedroom one evening and he was sleeping in it the next night and has had no problems with asthma. Thankfully, it seems that gone are the days of throwing open all the doors and windows for days after painting a room anywhere in the house."

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