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PaintPlus carboNZero Certification

A PDF of our latest carbonNZero certification is available to read here. Read More

PaintPlus carboNZero certification 2014

A PDF of our latest carbonNZero certification is available to read here. Read More

New Product - Fence Guard

Timber fences left unpainted quickly turn grey and can warp, or split. It's not the most difficult job to paint a fence but some basic prep steps need to be taken. First, clean the area thoroughly by removing all built up dirt and debris. A water blaster is ideal for this job but be... Read More

New paint criteria for Environmental Choice announced

Paint+ is delighted to announce all its products have passed an assessment against the new specification Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) has produced for Paints. This specification sets requirements that will provide an environmental benefit by:... Read More

PaintPlus livens up famous Sydney hotel

PaintPlus livens up famous Sydney hotel

Scenic artist Mike O’Kane chose Paint+ for a mural he did at Sydney's well-known Shelbourne Hotel. “I use Paint+ for my work on movies. I like working with it, so it was the obvious choice for the mural too,” says Mike. “As the original art work I was... Read More

NZ ecolabelling among the world's best

NZ ecolabelling among the world's best

The Environmental Choice labelling achieved by all PaintPlus products is among the best in the world, according to a global study commissioned by the British government. The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has mapped and analysed worldwide standards and methods... Read More

Quality not compromised by cost

Paint+ does not allow cost cutting to get in the way of quality. “When we want to make a product, we get the best ingredients and that’s it,” says co-owner Jim Beattie. “We don’t skimp on costs.” However, the company still delivers its paint at... Read More

Accreditation Proves World Leader

The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has mapped and analysed worldwide standards and methods used for measuring environmental sustainability of products. The report was prepared by British-based international consultancy Environmental Resources Management Ltd. It aims... Read More

Goodness in, goodness out

Making paint follows the same principles as many other things in life - you get out of it what you put in "It's a matter of goodness in, goodness out," says John Warman, co-owner of Paint+. "We only use the best quality ingredients and we don't disguise anything about our paints. We don't... Read More

Standing the scrub-room test

The exceptional hardwearing quality of Paint+ came to the fore when it was used in the theatre scrub room at Greenlane Hospital. The walls in these rooms are regularly washed down with antibacterial agents, so the paint has to withstand a great deal of rubbing and scrubbing. "They've tried... Read More

Only Paint+ is eco-friendly from top to bottom

Paint+ is the only New Zealand paint company who can use the Environmental Choice label on all their products. All Paint+ products have been assessed by the New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust and have been found to comply with the requirements of the Environmental Choice specification.... Read More

Paint+ means more money for hotels, hospitals

Enterprises that rely on human occupancy of rooms for revenue, for instance hotels and hospitals, find that using PaintPlus boosts their bottom line. Paint+ dries fast, doesn't have the odour issues of paints and doesn't pose a health risk through the release of high levels of volatile organic... Read More

No inferior trade line

The reality of the paint industry is that some manufacturers offer a secondary trade line, which is often the one that actually gets used even if the original specification was based on the top-tier product. With Paint+ there are no such issues. "We only make one quality – the best," says... Read More

Lime Pictures

Lime Pictures

The Production company Lime Pictures have now received their first order of our Scenic Range to be used on the set of the popular TV show Hollyoaks. Read More

Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Studios

Our range of Scenic paint is now extremely popular in the UK and as a result has now become available direct at Pinewood Studios, the home of world class film. The Studios provide facilities for major national and international film production, filmed television, studio television recording,... Read More

Hamilton Associates New Offices

Hamilton Associates New Offices

Hamilton Associates new offices at 66 Porchester Road, London will be opening soon after being refurbished using Paint+ The offices were completely decorated, walls, ceilings, doors and woodwork using only 2 products! Read More

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