PaintPlus livens up famous Sydney hotel

Scenic artist Mike O’Kane chose Paint+ for a mural he did at Sydney's well-known Shelbourne Hotel.

“I use Paint+ for my work on movies. I like working with it, so it was the obvious choice for the mural too,” says Mike.

“As the original art work I was emulating had a very loose and brushy feel to it, I needed a transparent feel to the finished work. Combining Paint+ clear matt glaze with Scenic Flat enabled me achieve the required transparency, as well as the predictability needed to build the work layer by layer.”

With many major international movies shot in Australia, Mike regularly works on major releases. In the last few years he was head scenic artist for Superman Returns, the action comedy Fool's Gold with Matthey McConaughy and Kate Hudson and the adventure comedy Nim's Island, with Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin.

In between the movie projects, Mike puts his artistic talent to other uses. Architect Dale Jones-Evans, who is in charge of the redecoration of the Shelbourne Hotel, contacted Mike to do a massive mural – 30m wide and 3m high – spanning interior as well as exterior settings.

“Dale gave me an example of the style he wanted and left me to apply it across the entire mural.”


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