Jon Gadd - BSI EN ISO 11998 scrub test results

Well the results for the Easy Flow BSI EN ISO 11998 Scrub test were amazing! Are you surprised ?

Here they are:

Easy Flow White

Loss in coating mass (g/m2) = 1.15

Mean loss of film thickness (µm)= 0.65

EN 13300 classification = Class 1

Class 1 <5µm at 200 cycles

Class 2 ≥5µm and <20µm at 200 cycles

Class 3 ≥20µm and <70µm at 200 cycles

So your paint is very good indeed with a thickness loss of only 0.65µm at 200 cycles. For reference the Ecolabel standards which are used to classify many new European paints contains a requirement for scrub resistance of internal paints which states:

“The Ecolabel fitness for use criteria require that wall paints (according to EN 13300) for which claims are made (whether on the product or in related marketing material) that they are washable, cleanable or brushable shall have a wet scrub resistance as measured by EN 13300 and EN ISO 11998 of class 2 or better (not exceeding 20 microns after 200 cycles).”

Jon Gadd
Coatings Technologist - PRA Coatings Technology Centre - part of the Pera Innovation Network
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