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I am the Senior Project Manager for Coffey Projects, managers to the Waikato District Health Board Campus Redevelopment Project.

This is a record of the history I have experienced with the adoption of the PaintPlus products into our construction and maintenance programmes at the Waikato Hospital site.

Some 5 years ago we were confronted with an odour and timing challenge during the renovation of the Birthing Unit and Operating Theatre. By adopting the use of the PaintPlus acrylic enamels we not only completed the work over a week-end but experienced no odour or toxic fumes and not one complaint was received from either the nursing staff or patients which allowed the Service to be reinstated on the following business day which meant no loss of revenue.

The use of expensive and time consuming preparation products were eliminated by the adoption of the PaintPlus coating system resulting in the final cost being a mere fraction of the previous quotes.

The hospital’s constant sterilization programme requires weekly anti-septic wall washing. There is no deterioration of the coating surface which is in contrast to our history with other paint systems.

We anticipate another 5 years life in the PaintPlus system.

Currently, we are specifying exclusive use of the PaintPlus coating system in 3 major new building projects.

All other hospital painting maintenance is undertaken using only PaintPlus products.

With the proven track record of PaintPlus and the outcomes of the challenging Birthing Unit Theatre, PaintPlus was also adopted for the new New Born Intensive Care Unit ( NICU ) which was built directly about the Birthing Unit and adjacent the existing NICU. During the whole build once PaintPlus was adopted, there were no complaints of paint fumes during builds. This was very satisfying knowing there were very small vulnerable lives only metres from where we were painting with a very successful outcome.

This demonstrates our confidence in their ability to provide daily prompt deliveries from adequate stocking levels and technical advice from their local reseller.

But they also can provide paint in any colour from any source or re-create an existing colour already in use in the hospital.

Again, from a cost control viewpoint, the colours are available in 1 l, 4l or 10l pails. This is a distinct competitive advantage as we can complete work much more efficiently and in better timeframes especially when demand for hospital space is at a premium.

Another advantage is from the overall health perspective.

Patients suffering from existing respiratory ailments such as allergies and asthma have not experienced any deterioration in their condition when in areas where the PaintPlus products are employed.

Our policy is to support products that deliver on ‘fit for purpose’ statements.

The PaintPlus products have succeeded to meet our demands in every instance.

Jason Addison
Senior Project Manager - Coffey Projects
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