Hilton London Tower Bridge

I’ve been using Paint Plus for over two years. The paint have several excellent values like odourless, quick drying time and extreme durability. Especially durability is very important in the commercial building to keep low cost of maintenance. Paint Plus finish can be easily cleaned when soiled without any damage to the surface. Personally I tried to clean red wine spillage from the wall painted with Paint Plus and even though it was matt finish I was able to remove the stain without leaving any marks. Additionally all paints are water based, dry extremely quick, hence I can accommodate the guest virtually 20 minutes after painting the whole room. This is unique value acknowledged by Waldorf Hilton (the Hotel is undergoing multimillion refurbishment and all new rooms are being painted with Paint Plus), Hilton Paddington, Hilton London Metropol, Hilton Park Lane, Hilton Doubletree Tower of London. We require to use Paint plus as a part of our sustainability commitment as it’s zero-carbon footprint. There is no other paint on the market which could match qualities of Paint Plus.
Rafal Kolakowski
Facilities Manager - Hilton London Tower Bridge
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