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Rachael Carrick - Home owner with comment about asthma

I have been meaning to email you since we painted my son Edward's room last week.  Because of Edward's asthma and general tendency to be allergic to a lot of things we have always used low odour water-based paints.  When I was pregnant with my second child I saw an article in a...

Neil Rose

Perfect colour matching. Great service.

Neil Rose

Pauline Morris

I am an asthmatic who loves to decorate. The two just didn't mix until now. For years I have struggled with paint fumes during painting and for days after. But after using your paint, fumes are no longer a problem. I can even paint with the door closed. I did my son's room with your paint, and he...

Vinnie Healy

I have suffered from asthma and severe chemical-induced side-effects for many years. I have always found it extremely hard to get paints that don't make me ill when I'm exposed to the fumes. I have tried all the so-called environmentally friendly and low-toxicity paints available in the New...

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