Rachael Carrick - Home owner with comment about asthma

I have been meaning to email you since we painted my son Edward's room last week.  Because of Edward's asthma and general tendency to be allergic to a lot of things we have always used low odour water-based paints.  When I was pregnant with my second child I saw an article in a magazine about paint plus and was really interested in it.  We were about to paint our new extension, and as our decorators had not heard of your paint we didn't take the risk - I really wish we had! Almost a year on we have just painted Ed's bedroom with paint+.  We are so pleased with the paint, after using it I was left thinking that this is how paint should  be.  I love that I don't have to make any compromises: I can have paint that doesn't smell, is environmentally friendly, whatever colour I like AND it covers beautifully.  The matt blue for the walls only took two coats (with a roller by me, a complete novice DIY decorator) to achieve a really intense cover - I have had such problems with coverage with previous low odour paints we have used.

I have also got round (finally!) to repainting bits of our kitchen (this was painted just less than a year ago by professional decorators using Crown Breatheasy paints, which, while they don't smell are pretty rubbish if you want to wash the wall!).  I am really pleased with it so far, we shall see how the walls (painted in Easy Flow) stand up to the test of time.  The windowsill by the sink I've done in the ArmourGuard and you can already see it practically repelling the water it gets splashed with. 

I still have loads left of the stuff I've used for the kitchen, I think the experience of the other paint made us think we'd need much more than we do!  Both myself and my family who helped me have been very impressed with the ease of application (it doesn't drip too much) the coverage and the opacity.  Also, when you do accidently spill it on carpet, I've successfully got it out with hot soapy water.  This doesn't work after 24hours but in that first 24 hours you can get small smudges out of both synthetic and wool blend carpets (did I mention I'm a novice DIYer!).  I've been left quite inspired to choose colours for our own bedroom now (obviously the last room in the house to be decorated...).

Thanks too for the help in choosing the paint and getting it at short notice.  We will try to be more organised next time.

Best wishes,



I also meant to say.  We finished painting Ed's bedroom one evening and he was sleeping in it the next night and has had no problems with asthma.  Thankfully, it seems that gone are the days of throwing open all the doors and windows for days after painting a room anywhere in the house.

Rachael Carrick
Home Owner
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